Robert Cannon, the founder of Sapient Funding, LLC, originally operated under the name Syntex Properties, Inc., a company he founded and of which he was the CEO. Syntex was a fully integrated firm providing capital formation, origination of debt, property management, development, acquisition and disposition of properties and accounting functions.  In 1990 Robert Cannon sold his interest in the company and in 1996 founded Sapient Funding, LLC.

Sapient currently functions as a real estate venture capitalist, for projects both acquired and developed by outside sponsors, as well as projects that Sapient independently acquires or develops.  We serve as a sponsor and general partner for all of our projects, whether originated by other developers or by Sapient.   

Sapient's projects are thoroughly researched and vetted and must meet a minimum potential threshold of obtaining an 16% annualized ROI for its investors in order to be considered by the company.

In addition to projects originated by Sapient the company sometimes serves as a Co-GP and provides capital for projects originated by other sponsors providing they meet following INVESTMENT CRITERIA:
· Value-add multi-family projects consisting of a minimum of 150 units
· Projects are located in one of the major cities of Texas or surrounding suburbs.
· Location must have a history of appreciation.
· Potential of providing a minimum of 16% annualized ROI for its investors.
· Multi-family ground up development projects with the potential to provide a minimum of 18% annualized return to its investors (Location criteria above also applies).
· Other terms and conditions may apply.

Who is Robert Cannon?

Listen to Robert discuss his experience and why is someone you want on your side when it comes to investing your money.  He knows how to pick successful projects with at least a 16% ROI.  

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